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Welcome to Shasta County, California!


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Shasta County 



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Genealogy Resources:

Families of Shasta County: Over 3000 families with genealogical connections...


Redding Traffic Cameras: Live

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Click here for Shingletown events and links to their community websites.


Northern Califonia Travel and Tourism Information Network: Wonderful pictures and info about Shasta County and surrounding regions!




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Find an attorney in one of the following Shasta County cities:




Fitzpatrick Law Offices 2600 Balls Ferry Rd # 3 Anderson 5303650527


Nichols Catterton Downing Reed 43130 Main St Fall River Mills 5303365050
Jerrold Pickering 42367 Mcarthur Rd Fall River Mills 5303365330


Matthew J Mc Alerney   Mcarthur 5303366394


Gregory Marshall   Palo Cedro 5305494836


A Better Medically Trnd Injury 1229 South St Redding 5302428756
Aaron Williams Law Office 1721 Court St Redding 5302416991
ABC Paralegals 1650 Oregon St # 209 Redding 5302415421
Adam B Ryan Law Offices 1975 Placer St # C Redding 5302471889
Altemus & Wagner 1255 Sacramento St Redding 5303429800
Altemus & Wagner Attorneys 1255 Sacramento St Redding 5302428800
Steve Ballard 2455 Athens Ave # A Redding 5302448525
Bankruptcy Information 1907 Park Marina Dr Redding 5302461445
Barr & Mudford 1900 Court St Redding 5302430141
Barr & Mudford LLP 1824 Court St Redding 5302438008
Marc C Barulich 1428 West St # 1 Redding 5302440988
Richard M Bay 1300 West St # E Redding 5302468707
Benjamin K Helfman Law Offices 1440 West St Redding 5302412508
Berg & Assoc 5000 Bechelli Ln # 201 Redding 5302235100
Blalock & Blalock Law Corp 1616 West St Redding 5302291200
Brenda J Boudreaux 2485 Old Eureka Way Redding 5302410110
Bradford & Barthel Law Offices 1805 Hilltop Dr # 201 Redding 5307229004
Brian N Zanze Law Offices 1440 West St Redding 5302415900
Brickwood Law Office 1135 Pine St # 210 Redding 5302451877
Budget Bankruptcy Ctr 532 Turquoise Ct Redding 5302214955
Byron Lee Lynch Law Corp 1805 Hilltop Dr # 202 Redding 5302241133
California Bankruptcy Ctr 691 Maraglia St # D Redding 5302221664
Campbell & Clark 1648 Riverside Dr Redding 5302446286
Stephen S Carlton 1558 West St # 3 Redding 5302443778
Carr Kennedy Peterson & Frost 420 Redcliff Dr Redding 5302222100
Charles M Finkel Law Corp   Redding 5303657495
Charles M Finkel Law Corp   Redding 5303657495
Cibula & Cibula 1743 Tehama St Redding 5302412734
Fredrick E Clement 1300 West St # C Redding 5302293900
Daniel T Mosier Law Office 2124 Eureka Way Redding 5302411492
David J Osborne Law Office 1558 West St # 4 Redding 5302435810
Dennis Daniel Attorney 987 Mission DE Oro Dr # B Redding 5302438636
Dennis K Cowan Law Offices 280 Hemsted Dr # B Redding 5302217300
Donald A Selke LC 987 Mission DE Oro Dr Redding 5302230529
Donald B Belkin Law Offices 1823 Court St Redding 5302436882
Donald E Bartholomew Law Ofcs 1267 Willis St Redding 5302461621
Donald R Anderson Law Corp 2301 Park Marina Dr # 21 Redding 5302444023
James T Dooley III 1549 Chestnut St Redding 5302467557
Mike Doran 2122 East St Redding 5302416885
David L Edwards 1551 E Cypress Ave Redding 5302210694
Elliot D Burick Law Offices 1574 West St Redding 5302450800
Eric Omstead Law Offices 1135 Pine St # 215 Redding 5302470585
Richard A Farrell 1700 Placer St Redding 5302442166
Fitzpatrick Law Offices 1135 Pine St # 107 Redding 5302291370
Michael C Fitzpatrick 2135 Pine St Redding 5302291370
Frank J O'Connor Law Office 1558 West St # 4 Redding 5302418940
Brad L Fuller 2701 Park Marina Dr Redding 6267444120
G Neil Tocher Law Offices 833 Mistletoe Ln Redding 5302442525
Lew A Garbutt 1907 Gold St Redding 5302463335
Manuel J Garcia 1802 California St Redding 5302467795
Manuel J Garcia 2500 Goodwater Ave Redding 5302440692
James R Graff 1404 West St Redding 5302419297
Gray & Prouty 3320 Churn Creek Rd Redding 5302469061
Greco & Traficante 1640 E Cypress Ave # B Redding 5302265283
Gregory W Winters Attorney 1721 Court St Redding 5302464411
Richard G Grogan 2015 Shasta St # 1 Redding 5302440914
Halkides Morgan & Kelley 833 Mistletoe Ln # 100 Redding 5302218150
Hanna Brophy Maclean Mc Aleer 310 Hemsted Dr # 300 Redding 5302236010
Hansen Leclerc 2400 Washington Ave # 201 Redding 5302470100
Harr Arthofer & Ayres 1415 Court St Redding 5302291340
Harrison Smith Law Offices 1267 Willis St Redding 5302461222
Susan Hinz 1616 West St Redding 5302242020
Injered Workers Law Ctr 1072 Lake Blvd # F1 Redding 5302442049
James A Wyatt Law Office 2130 Eureka Way Redding 5302446060
James E Kramer Law Office 1650 Oregon St # 116 Redding 5302460300
Janice Mackey Law Office 1864 South St Redding 5302430835
Jeffrey C Stotter Law Offices 1768 West St Redding 5302416384
Jeffrey L Jens Corp 1558 West St # 1 Redding 5302433071
Jeffrey S Ogilvie Law Offices 1330 West St Redding 5302411100
Joe Gazzigli Law Offices 1900 Gold St Redding 5302416900
John M Kucera Law Offices 1416 West St Redding 5302411800
John Webster Law Office 1558 West St # 3 Redding 5302436552
Johnson & Cox 1923 Court St Redding 5302447777
Patricia Johnson 1755 Yuba St Redding 5302477285
Kathy M Townley Law Offices 1626 Court St Redding 5302468325
Kenny & Snowden Norine Inc 2701 Park Marina Dr Redding 5302258990
Michael Khoronov 1650 Oregon St # 213 Redding 5302432800
King Law Offices 2051 Hilltop Dr. SteA28 Redding 5302212640
KIRK M Manuel Law Offices 1308 Placer St # 200 Redding 5302438599
Kuvara Law Firm 18135 Clear Creek Rd Redding 5302434700
Larry Moss Law Office 1901 Park Marina Dr Redding 5302426200
Laughlin Falbo Levy & Moresi 250 Hemsted Dr Redding 5302220268
Laughlin Falbo Levy & Moresi 930 Executive Way # 250 Redding 5302220268
Law Ofc Of Robert West 2515 Park Marina Dr # 102 Redding 5302420410
Law Offices Of Michael Cogan 1650 Oregon St Redding 5302461121
Ledgerwood Law Group 1616 West St Redding 5302441010
Leep & Tescher Law Corp 1440 West St Redding 5302412211
Legal Services Of Northern Ca 1370 West St Redding 5302413565
Maire & Beasley 2851 Park Marina Dr # 300 Redding 5302466050
Marguerite Sweeney Law Office 1414 Gold St Redding 5302451860
Max G Arnold Law Office Inc 2070 Shasta St Redding 5302422040
Richard W Maxion 1650 Oregon St Redding 5302433075
Mc Cabe Law Office 1616 West St Redding 5302463100
Dret A Mc Hatton 1388 Court St # F Redding 5302469625
Mcglynn Mcglynn & Bottke 1616 West St Redding 5302461119
Michael Darlington Law Offices 1745 Yuba St Redding 5302442600
Michael G Olsen Law Offices 1900 Gold St Redding 5302433133
Michael P Dacquisto Law Office 1901 Court St Redding 5302446007
Carolyn Monroe   Redding 5302441301
David L Morrow 1736 Tehama St Redding 5302438240
Mullen & Filippi LLP 1335 Buenaventura Blvd # 106 Redding 5302431133
Nancy Gottes Attorney At Law 1716 Court St # 101 Redding 5302441716
Douglas H Newlan 1824 Court St Redding 5302431648
Nisson Pincin Sinclair & Hill 2015 Shasta St # 2 Redding 5302464201
De Anne E Parker 1930 West St Redding 5302426025
De Anne E Parker 2701 Park Marina Dr Redding 5302426025
James E Pearce 1975 Placer St # A Redding 5302470274
Pickering Law Corp 1915 Placer St Redding 5302415811
Presleigh & Arel 1290 West St Redding 5302435600
Pugh & Van Voris 1300 West St # A Redding 5302461430
J Phyllis Raudman 1716 Court St # 101 Redding 5302468406
Reese Smalley Wiseman LLP 1265 Willis St Redding 5302411611
Robert A Rehberg 429 Redcliff Dr # 220 Redding 5302230660
Reiner Simpson Timmons 2851 Park Marina Dr # 200 Redding 5302411905
Rhonda M Hixon Law Offices 1574 West St Redding 5302449686
Richard N Bates Law Office 1300 West St # B Redding 5302446442
Robert Lee Law Offices 448 Redcliff Dr # 233 Redding 5302441755
Robert W Logan Law Offices 1350 Placer St Redding 5302410126
Rodney E Benson Law Office 1539 Chestnut St Redding 5302413356
Roger H Cowling Corp 2301 Park Marina Dr # 13 Redding 5302440267
Michael M Rooney   Redding 5302435297
Ross Helmbold Law Office 1721 Court St Redding 5302444357
Roy F Peters Law Offices 1824 West St Redding 5302462100
Michael Scheibli 1416 West St Redding 5302430317
Scranton Law Firm 1548 West St Redding 5302226565
Chaland B Scrivner 2986 Bechelli Ln Redding 5302215358
Linda L Seinturier 1308 Placer St Redding 5302430253
Michael G Sharpe 1574 West St Redding 5302440520
Richard Shore   Redding 5302469563
Stephen M Dean Law Corp 1300 West St # 1 Redding 5302467691
Susan L Hornsby Law Offices 1610 West St # 1 Redding 5302450620
Jeffery J Swanson 2515 Park Marina Dr # 102 Redding 5302258773
L Alan Swanson 1330 West St Redding 5302438150
Swartz & Assoc 1824 West St Redding 5302440441
T James Fisher Law Office 1721 Court St Redding 5302440909
Taylor & Mondorf LLP 1975 Placer St Redding 5302426002
Teal & Montgomery 2851 Park Marina Dr # 200 Redding 5302321330
Thomas Andrews Law Office 1736 Tehama St Redding 5302291400
Trindade Law Offices 1640 Tehama St # A Redding 5302438220
Gene Tucker 1650 Oregon St # 106 Redding 5302461112
Van O Kinney Law Office 1388 Court St # G Redding 5302444661
Verlin K Johnson Law Offices 1900 Gold St Redding 5302441071
Walter P Mc Neill Law Offices 280 Hemsted Dr # E Redding 5302228992
Wells Small & Selke 292 Hemsted Dr # 2 Redding 5302231800
William A Malloy Law Offices 1558 West St # 2 Redding 5302447745
William A Somppi Law Offices 1650 Oregon St # 225 Redding 5302431900
William L Meek Attorney At Law 499 Hemsted Dr # B Redding 5302221111
David Wilson 1610 West St # A Redding 5302413894


Nathan Zeliff Law Offices   Shingletown 5304743267

God Bless America! 

Picturesque mountains and streams in Shasta County, CA...

Hat Creek, Shasta County, CA...

Burney Mountain, Shasta County, CA...

Whiskeytown ruins...

Rustic Scene in Shasta County

Shasta Lake...Shasta County, CA

Riding the Range in Shasta County, CA...

Sacramento River Trail

Check out these excellent links to more information about Shasta County:

Shasta County, California  This is the official government site for Shasta County.  Click here for information on all the County departments and services.

California Travel & Tourism:  California's official source of travel and tourism information.

Northern California Parks: Take a look at Ahjumawi Springs... Burney Falls... Castle Crags and Shasta Historic Park ~ especially if you're interested in beautiful scenery and camping.

See Map.

City of Redding The city's official web site...chockfull of good information!

Viva Downtown Redding  Check here for details on Viva's exciting annual events drawing attention and people to downtown Redding.

City of Anderson  A guide to the city of Anderson ...including such topics as: City Departments Parks & Recreation; Police;  as well as other informative links

Anderson Chamber of Commerce  The Anderson Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building successful businesses in the Anderson and surrounding areas.


Welcome to Cottonwood!

A historic place in Northern California...a great place to be!



Featured  World Sites ...

 Afri-Cam: Fantastic site! Live images of Africa's impressive animals. Contest for viewers who capture unique images. If you like observing wild animals, this site will keep you enthralled.



Some Notes on Shasta County

Shasta County is the economic, cultural, and geographical center of the northern section of the State of California. The City of Redding is the county seat for Shasta County.   Redding is the county's largest city with a  population in excess of 70,000.  The cities of Anderson and Cottonwood are located directly to the south of the City of Redding.  The newly incorporated City of Shasta Lake is located directly to the north.


The topography ranges from the flat valley area in and around the City of Redding, which is about 300 to 500 feet above sea level to Lassen Peak that reaches to the height of 10,455 feet above sea level.


Shasta County has the unique distinction of having three different mountain ranges flow into the county.  The Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in the eastern section of the county, while the Cascade Mountain range is in the north county and the Coastal Mountain range is located in the western county. Most visitors find it striking that one can view the snow-capped Trinity Alps, Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak from almost any location in and around the general Redding area.


The shoreline of Shasta Lake, located just a few miles north of Redding, seems almost endless.  Beautiful clear blue waters of Shasta Lake offer all forms of boating enjoyment.  Numerous secluded coves offer peace and quiet for those enjoying one of hundreds of fully-equipped houseboats available to rent.  Fishing is available county wide.  Shasta County has numerous creeks, streams, lakes and rivers for fishing.  For the lazy fishermen there are hundreds of spots that have easy drive-up access.  For the more fit, there are exclusive native trout areas that are located in the non-vehicle wilderness areas.


The Shasta Caverns are located on Lake Shasta.  A unique boat-in tour will provide you with memories of  magnificent underground cathedrals formed by the timeless process of mineral accumulation. 


Redding is also a cultural and entertainment center for Northern California and southern Oregon. Check Arts & Crafts for local links.



The City of Shasta Lake Online

Be sure to check out this site.  As they say...

"The City of Shasta Lake is located along Interstate 5 in Northern California, midway (600 miles in each direction) from San Diego to the South and Seattle to the North.  Great incentives for bringing your business to our small,  friendly city with low crime and high quality of life.."








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